FACL Fantasy Football League 2017/2018


League Launch + Introduction

7:00 pm - Monday, September 25th 2017

Buffalo Wild Wings - 2620 32 St NE, Calgary

RSVP: george@faclwestern.com

Have you ever wondered what the fantasy football craze is about?  Well wonder no more because FACL is starting their inaugural fantasy football league this September.  Absolutely no experience or knowledge is required!  Your hosts, George Wong and Joshua Mamdani, will walk you through the basics of fantasy football, the NFL and football in general.

For those that don’t know, fantasy football is a game where players pretend to be the general managers of their own football teams.  Players pick their favorite players from various NFL teams and these players earn points through their statistical accomplishments during the regular season, i.e., running yards, catching passes, etc.  The combined point total of your fantasy team determines how well you do each week.  It’s very simple and very fun. 

There is a small fee to participate ($10).  We will be conducting a fantasy draft on Monday, September 25 at Buffalo Wild Wings, right by Sunridge Mall.  At the end of the season, we will have a party celebrating the winner.  Again, no experience is required as we will explain everything and ensure that everyone has a fun time.

The FACL fantasy football league is part of our new initiative to offer fun ways to learn about and experience activities that are normally associated with law firms.  Please email george@faclwestern.com if you wish to participate or have any questions.